Clinical Takeaway

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Dr John Brannan

Asthma needs to be diagnosed effectively. Need objective evidence for the presence of asthma and if it suggests it’s something there’s opportunity to escalate investigation to tertiary care

Dr Nicole Winter

While it is challenging to navigate the information, it is recommended that GPs simply refer the patient if they are not confident

Dr Yu Hwee Tan

When do we refer to a specialist and what kind of specialist, and what can they do?

Expert/s: Dr Yu Hwee Tan
A/Prof Kaleab Asrress

The burden of disease is high and there is a huge number of patients undiagnosed

Dr Mary Ann Johnson

While gastric cancer is improving, GPs are the frontline and must reach out if they have concerns

A/Prof Gemma Sharp

The importance of body image and body dysmorphia in general practice

Dr Alexander Sweetman

There is a massive magnitude of people suffering from insomnia. It’s important to talk about insomnia and manage it well

Dr Marita Long

The questions answered in this podcast were compiled by GPs and health professionals around Australia.

Expert/s: Dr Marita Long
Prof Bandana Saini

Insomnia and sleep disorders are quite common and have a range of medications available

Dr Josephine Braid

Burnout is common. The 5 features that are commonly seen in people with burnout include exhaustion, reduced productivity, cynicism, cognitive dysfunction, and insularity

Dr Henry Badgery

Defining, then excluding areas that have no answer- keeping an eye out for the medium to longer term future possibilities and dangers.

Dr Rachael Sharman

About 50% of your patients, mostly the younger ones, would have looked up their health problem before seeing you- how can a GP work with this person on that journey.