Dr Florence Chang


Dr Chang completed her medical degree at the University of New South Wales with Honors, in 2002. She completed basic physician training in St Vincent Hospital, Sydney, then completed advanced training in neurology at Royal North Shore Hospital and Movement disorder fellowship Westmead Hospital. She completed neurology fellowship at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota in United States in 2012. She then spend a year as the Movement Disorder Fellow at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, New York, where she was awarded a clinical movement disorder fellowship by the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation. Currently she is working as a neurologist at Westmead Hospital and has more than 10 years of experience in Parkinson disease advanced therapies such as Duodopa intestinal gel, deep brain stimulation and apomorphine injection/infusion since 2010. She co-authored scientific papers in the natural history of dystonia, Huntington disease and the quality of life of Parkinson disease patients on Duodopa therapy and improvement in freezing of gait and dyskinesia of patients on 24-hour Duodopa therapy. She completed a postdoctorate research degree at University of Sydney on the pathophysiology of dystonia in 2020. She sees Huntington disease and Parkinson disease patients at Westmead Public Hospital and general neurology and movement disorder patients in private rooms at Westmead.


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The Clinical Takeaway: What is Huntington’s disease and the GP’s role

Dr Florence Chang | Created on 21 June 2022
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