Maddie Todd


Maddie is a clinical Dietitian specialising in paediatrics and supporting people with disabilities. Maddie has more than 13 years of experience working with people and families to improve their nutrition, physical health and mental wellbeing. Maddie is passionate in supporting families to enjoy stress free mealtimes, eat a wide variety of foods, whilst optimising health, happiness and development. Maddie offers a unique skillset with extensive experience establishing and working as part of a multidisciplinary feeding team for people with feeding disorders. Maddie can work with you to provide a holistic and highly tailored assessment and intervention that addresses a wide range of growth, nutrient, feeding and mealtime challenges. Maddie is a mum which provides her with real world experience in feeding young children. She is also the owner and director of Hatch Dietetics.


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Product Explainer – MUAC Z-Score tape for assessing nutritional status of paediatric patients

Maddie Todd | Created on 31 May 2022
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