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Dr Sarah Tedjasukmana

Doctors and patients are still unsure about self-collected cervical screening tests, but should they be?

Emma Henshall

Even the young and lean will benefit from disrupting the insulin-androgen cycle...

Christine Carson

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the biggest global threats to health, food security and development...

A/Prof Nial Wheate

In an era where chronic pain affects millions worldwide, the search for effective and safe pain relief has never been greater...

Emma Henshall

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is increasingly common, affecting about 1 in 8 women of reproductive age...

Peter Swoboda

Stents are like scaffolding that keep narrowed arteries open. These devices have been revolutionary in treating heart attacks...

Fiona Clark

New guidance around age, vasomotor symptoms, depression, bone health, brain fog and more – here’s what’s changed and why

Michoel Moshel

Screens have become seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, serving as indispensable tools for work, education and leisure. But while they enrich our lives in countless ways, we often fail to consider the potential impact of screen time on our cognitive abilities.

Prof James Wood

Australia is now into its next COVID wave. But it has taken several months for a consistent pattern to emerge across Australia.

Manuela Callari

Which factors predict better outcomes with GLP-1 RAs and their successors...

Yoni Ashar

Most people with chronic back pain naturally think their pain is caused by injuries or other problems in the body such as arthritis or bulging disks...

Lakshini Mendis-David

What you need to know about CGRP targeted therapies, from changes in PBS criteria to precautions in different populations...