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Kruk review says yes, GPs say no. In fact, 92% of IMGs are opposed…

Fiona Clark

A state-by-state breakdown of what's required when someone requests VAD...

Sophia Auld

In the past year, 1 in 7 GPs were threatened, while 1 in 14 experienced physical violence...

A/Prof Hannah Wechkunanukul

Why do so many migrants wait so long to seek help or go to hospital after chest pain - and what can we do about it?


Survey shows big downsides, and not much upside compared to the previous system...

Lynnette Hoffman

Dr Joe Di Stefano retired from his regional Victoria practice in December 2023, after 50 years as a doctor, but still a couple of years earlier than planned - and he's not alone.

Lynnette Hoffman

As health ministers consider proposed reforms that would see a health professional’s entire regulatory history published indefinitely on a national register should a tribunal find them guilty of sexual misconduct or sexual boundary violations, we asked GPs for their thoughts.

Sophia Auld

AI uptake in practice management is low - here are 6 ways it can help reduce your admin costs...

Clinical Prof Leanne Rowe AM

General Practices may attract scrutiny by the Australian Human Rights Commission if unless we take steps to comply...

Lynnette Hoffman

Patients who see their regular GP go significantly longer between consults than those who see a different GP in the same practice, a new UK-based study has found.

Lauren Butler

Weight-inclusive health care means a focus on better health with no weight loss required...

Dr Brooke Nickel

Corporations have used feminist language to promote their products for decades. In the 1980s, companies co-opted messaging about female autonomy to encourage women’s consumption of unhealthy commodities, such as tobacco and alcohol.