Prof Gary Kilov

A/Prof Gary Kilov

General Practitioner; Founding Member, The RACGP Diabetes Specific Interest Group; Co-founder, The Primary Care Diabetes Society of Australia
Clinical Associate Professor Gary Kilov (University of Melbourne) is a founding member of both the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Diabetes specific interest group and the primary care diabetes society of Australia (PCDSA). He is a contributor to the RACGP diabetes handbook (2012-20). He is a member of several NDSS (National Diabetes Supply Scheme) Expert Reference Groups and past editor in chief of the PCDSA journal. Associate Professor Kilov shares his time between Launceston treating the full spectrum of patients with diabetes and obesity related conditions and providing peer to peer and medical undergraduate education on diabetes and related conditions. He is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate education both within Australia and internationally. He is widely published in peer reviewed journals on topics covering diabetes, obesity and respiratory medicine.

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