A/Prof Sara Hägg

Associate Professor, Molecular Epidemiology, Karolinska Institute
My main research interest is human biological aging; how to measure it in human cohorts, understanding causal pathways in aging and identify geroprotectors to repurpose for age-related diseases. Markers of human biological aging can be telomere length, epigenetic clocks, functional aging, frailty index, etc. I study such markers in longitudinal data from several twin studies of aging (SATSA, GENDER, HARMONY, OCTO-Twin, TwinGene) within the Swedish Twin Registry and also using UK biobank data. Methods that I use include longitudinal modelling, causal analyses using drug target Mendelian Randomization, and large-scale genome-wide approaches.

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As we journey through life, the risk of developing chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease and neurological disorders, increases significantly.

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