Orlando, Joanne

Dr Joanne Orlando

Researcher; Digital Literacy and Digital Wellbeing, Western Sydney University; Founder, TechClever
Dr Joanne Orlando is a researcher examining our digital lifestyle. Her cutting edge ideas and understandings about our uses of technology and provides practical solutions that ensure technology is an empowering part of the lives of children and adults.

Joanne works closely as an expert with government, key industry, education sector to develop practices that will help us flourish in our digital society. She is a keynote speaker, nationally and internationally, and regularly presents as an expert on TV, radio, and in print.

Joanne is the founder of TechClever, an evidenced-based digital literacy and digital wellbeing education program for parents and students.

Her most recent book ‘Life Mode On: How to be Less Stressed, More Present and Back in Control with Technology’ was released globally in 2021.

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