Dr Mohiuddin Ahmed

Senior Lecturer of Computing and Security, Edith Cowan University
Dr Mohiuddin Ahmed has been educating the next generation of cyber leaders and researching to disrupt the cybercrime ecosystem. His research is focused on ensuring national security and defending against ransomware attacks. Mohiuddin has edited several books and contributed articles to The Conversation. His research publications in reputed venues attracted more than 3300 citations and have been listed in the world’s top 2% of scientists for the 2020-2022 citation impact. Mohiuddin secured several external and internal grants worth more than A$1.5 Million and has been collaborating with both academia and industry. He has been regularly invited to speak at international conferences and public organizations and interviewed by the media for expert opinion.

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t seems hardly a day goes by without another report of a cyber crime incident.

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