Lee, Philip

Dr Philip Lee

Respiratory and Sleep Physician; Consultant, Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, St George and Northern Beaches Hospitals
Dr Philip Lee is a Respiratory and Sleep physician. He graduated with Honours from the University of New South Wales and completed his specialist training at St Vincent’s and St George Hospitals. He is a consultant in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at St George and Northern Beaches Hospitals. He has specific clinical and research interest in sleep medicine, COPD, respiratory failure and non-invasive ventilation.
Dr Lee has extensive experience in managing sleep disorders with a diverse range of clinical expertise in various Respiratory diseases. Dr Lee has received local and international awards for his research work with continuing research interests in COPD, respiratory failure and non-invasive ventilation.
He is also an expert advisor for Research Review Australia in COPD and has been an invited speaker at various local Respiratory and Sleep symposiums.
In 2016, Dr Lee has received the ST George Individual Volunteer Achievement Award for his outstanding contributions to the community.
Dr Lee is multi-lingual with proficiency in Cantonese and Mandarin.

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