Taylor, Mark SQUARE

Prof Mark Taylor

Professor; Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Macquarie University
Mark Patrick Taylor is a Professor of Environmental Science and Human Health at Macquarie University, Sydney, specialising in environmental contamination and the risks it can pose.

His research program investigates environmental contamination in aerosols, dusts, sediments, soil and water and risks to human health. His work has focused on mining and smelting emissions and depositions, as well as contamination in urban environments. In recent years he has examined lead and other contaminants in bees, sparrows, lichens and wildfire ash. His most recent paper examines atmospheric trace metal emissions from wildfires. His work has also encompassed ‘human environments’ and has included analysis of blood lead levels in children, lead in wine, honey, residential veggie patches, household dusts, drinking water and the effect of early life lead exposure on aggressive crime rates.

His group’s work includes Australia’s only community VegeSafe program, which provides free soil metal analysis and advice to household gardeners across the nation. More recently, he started a new global citizen science initiative ‘DustSafe’ to examine contaminants in household dust.

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