Prof Adam Guastella

Professor and Clinical Psychologist, Michael Crouch Chair in Child and Youth Mental Health, University of Sydney
Professor Adam Guastella is the Michael Crouch Chair in Child and Youth Mental Health. His position is based at both Sydney Children’s Hospital at Westmead and the Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney. His work aims to build collaborative partnerships between researchers, clinicians, and services to ensure that children and families receive the best available assessments and treatments to support well-being.

As part of this role, he is the co-lead of the Child-Neurodevelopment and Mental Health Team for the University of Sydney. This team aims to solve complex problems for children with neurodevelopmental dconditions and their families with a team of multi-disciplinary professors across the university.

Professor Guastella also has an established track record in human translational neuroscience. His primary interest is in using neuroscience to inform and develop novel treatments for young patients with mental health problems. This research has led him to study the neurobiology of social behaviour, its development in early life, and how this neurobiology relates to symptoms that cause distress and impairment. His research may also take the form of cognitive-experimental investigations and he has developed a number of mental health programs to support wellbeing for adults on the spectrum.

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