Vidia A. Gokool

Postdoctoral Researcher, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
I have spent years studying the composition and expression of human scent from its use as a forensic identifier to the underlying indications it yields about human health. I completed my doctoral studies at Florida International University where I established an instrumental method (using gas chromatography- mass spectrometry) that allows human scent samples to be associated to one another. Further development of tools like these will eventually allow us to quantify the similarity between two samples of human scent evidence and say how similar or dissimilar they are to one another.

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From the aroma of fresh-cut grass to the smell of a loved one, you encounter scents in every part of your life. Not only are you constantly surrounded by odor, you’re also producing it. And it is so distinctive that it can be used to tell you apart from everyone around you.

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