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Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

October 29, 2019

It is very difficult to estimate the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder among Australian children.
This is partly due to fact that the manifestation of the disorder can be very varied and often subtle, and partly due to the fact that very few women will give a history of drinking …

Outlook for premmies pretty good

The majority of babies born prematurely will make it to adulthood without any major health issues, according to new research.
In an extensive Scandinavian cohort study, researchers found there was a high prevalence of survival without any major comorbidities among those born prematurely, even though preterm births are known to be …

Simple conversations can reduce opioid prescriptions after hysterectomy

October 23, 2019

The recent controversy on prescription opioids has highlighted overprescription as one of the key drivers of addiction. Could the solution be as simple as asking patients how much they need?
This is what Michigan Medicine Researchers set out to test by designing a shared decision-making tool for patients undergoing hysterectomy for …

Timing counts for blood pressure medication

There are currently no guidelines on when blood pressure medication should be taken, and physicians commonly recommend taking them in the morning. According to a recent trial, this advice may be dead wrong.
The Hygia Chronotherapy Trial studied the health outcomes of nearly 20,000 people who had been diagnosed with hypertension …

First-time evidence suggests new mechanism linking obesity and asthma

Obesity is associated with a heightened risk of asthma, but the mechanism causing this link has yet to be determined, with most previous research pointing to the direct pressure of increased weight on the lungs.
A new study, recently published in the European Respiratory Journal, has given the first indication that …

The importance of ‘family’ for people with mental illness

People living with mental illness often require support from carers, such as family and friends, on a long-term and somewhat unpredictable basis.
But these support networks are not always in place. Geographical or emotional distance from family members, conflict with friends, and the tendency for people with mental illness to withdraw …

These 3 factors predict a child’s chance of obesity in adolescence

Three simple factors can predict whether a child is likely to be overweight or obese by the time they reach adolescence: the child’s body mass index (BMI), the mother’s BMI and the mother’s education level, according to our new research.
The study, published in the International Journal of Obesity, found these …

Not so happy meals: Fast food lowers testosterone

October 16, 2019

Eating a high-fat ‘fast food’ meal can reduce testosterone levels by 25% within an hour of ingestion in overweight and obese men, Australian research shows.
And the effect can last for up to four hours, say the South Australian study authors in a recent issue of Andrologia.
The new finding goes some …

Nonsurgical treatment options effective for sinus issues

Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) affects a small but significant proportion of the population, significantly decreases quality of life and is often resistant to treatment.
In severe cases it can lead to the growth of polyps in the nasal cavity, blocking nasal breathing and smell.
It’s in these cases that many patients are referred …

Weight-loss surgery cuts risk of birth defects

There has been longstanding concern that bariatric surgery may increase the risk of major birth defects, concern that has appeared to be bourne out in the scientific literature.
A new study conducted by researchers at Karolinska Institutet and Örebro University, Sweden may go some way towards casting these previous findings into …

New blood test detects brain tumors with 87% accuracy

For those diagnosed with brain cancer the statistics are grim, with less than a third surviving five years with the condition.
Part of this poor outlook is due to the nonspecific symptoms of this type of cancer, such as headaches and memory loss. This is further compounded by the lack of …

Amiodarone in the aged

This week’s valuable resource award is a little different to the usual.
Rather than a handy algorithm or useful assessment tool, this is, in fact an article from a recent Australian Prescriber.
It’s about all the potential complications and side effects that can potentially occur with amiodarone, that reasonably popular drug that …