Prof Richard O’Brien

Endocrinologist; Clinical Dean of Medicine, University of Melbourne, Austin Clinical School; Director of Graduate Programs, Melbourne Medical School; Senior Endocrinologist and Director, Lipid Service, Austin Health
Prof Richard O’Brien is Clinical Dean of Medicine at the University of Melbourne, Austin Clinical School and Director of Graduate Programs, Melbourne Medical School. He is also a Senior Endocrinologist and Director of the Lipid Service, Austin Health.

After completing undergraduate training at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, Richard O’Brien undertook further studies in diabetic renal disease with Prof George Jerums, completing a PhD entitled Diabetic Nephropathy: Early Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Intervention. He continued his research at the Austin Hospital until 1991 when he moved to Monash Medical Centre. Prof O’Brien spent 15 years as Head of Diabetes at Monash Medical Centre and moved back to the Austin Hospital in 2007 to take up his current position.

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In this Product Explainer, Endocrinologist Prof Richard O'Brien explains the role of Fenofibrate in reducing the progression of diabetic retinopathy in patients with type 2 diabetes (5 mins).

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The questions answered in this podcast are listed below. They were compiled by GPs and health professionals around Australia.

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Prof Richard O'Brien, explains that diabetic retinopathy is a common but often very manageable complication of diabetes, provided it is detected early.

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