Nathan Cheetham

Senior Postdoctoral Data Scientist, Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology, King's College London

Nathan Cheetham is a quantitative researcher studying the long-term effects of the coronavirus pandemic on health. Nathan is focused on understanding the role of social factors on health outcomes in the United Kingdom.

Since 2021, Nathan has been at King’s College London, where he has worked with the TwinsUK and COVID Symptom Study Biobank studies, researching immune response to COVID vaccination and the long term effects of COVID infection on cognition and everyday functioning.

Nathan has a background in physical sciences, completing his MSci in Natural Sciences at Durham University in 2013. He then moved to Imperial College London where he earned his PhD in Physics in 2018, researching new materials for solar energy applications.

Following his PhD, Nathan moved to NHS North East London Clinical Commissioning Group in 2019, working as a data analyst and manager. During the coronavirus pandemic, Nathan developed a mathematical model to estimate the effects of easing restrictions on hospital admissions (Cheetham et al., Scientific Reports, 2021), created a interactive tool for senior leadership to track COVID-19, and joined the North East London vaccination program team to help set up and deliver COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Difficulties with cognitive functions or skills, such as the ability to recall memories, concentrate on tasks, or find the right words in conversation, are commonly reported following a COVID infection.

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