Prof Robert McLachlan AM

Physician-Scientist; Medical Director, Healthy Male; Director of Andrology Services, Hudson Institute of Medical Research; Consultant Andrologist, Monash IVF Group
Professor Robert McLachlan AM is a physician-scientist and Principal Research Fellow with a programme of basic and clinical research in male reproductive health. He joined the Prince Henry’s Institute, now Hudson Institute of Medical Research, in 1983. He is Medical Director at Healthy Male and Deputy Director of Endocrinology at Monash Medical Centre, Consultant Andrologist to the Monash IVF program, consultant to the WHO and is the Director of Andrology Australia, a Federal Government initiative committed to research and community & professional education in male reproductive health. Prof McLachlan has made major contributions to scientific discovery, translation into clinical practice and education in male reproductive health. His particular interests are male fertility regulation, the genetics of male infertility and androgen physiology.

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