Clinical Takeaway

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Dr Benjamin Tsang

Acute vestibular and acute transient vestibular syndromes and confirming the diagnosis of vestibular neuritis

Prof Bruce Neal

Here's an opportunity for GP practices to reach out to patients so they can be involved in medical research

Dr Richard Prince

Know your patient’s BMD; FRAX fracture risk calculator helps to refine risk

Prof Andrew Lloyd

Long COVID is a reality, but investigations rarely demonstrate significant structural damage

Amy Loughman

What we eat affects our mental health, especially depression and this extends to prenatal diet

Expert/s: Amy Loughman
A/Prof Neale Cohen

Genetic factors make lifestyle changes less effective and some are at risk of a form of malignant, rapidly progressive T2DM in the setting of severe insulin resistance

Dr Eli Kotler

Are we on the brink of a huge paradigm shift in the way we think about mental health disorders and how we treat our patients?

Expert/s: Dr Eli Kotler
A/Prof Rob Will

When it comes to looking for systemic inflammatory arthritis nothing beats a high index of suspicion, comprehensive systems review, and thorough physical examination

Prof Paul Van Buynder

Post shingles, QOL is significantly and permanently reduced.

A/Prof David Sullivan

How to manage a patient assessed to be at Intermediate Absolute CV risk

Dr Matthew Green

Acute pain becomes chronic pain somewhere between the three and six month mark

Dr Benjamin Tsang

The definition of vertigo and common misperceptions that doctors have