The Clinical Takeaway: Diabetic Eye Disease and GPs


In this episode:


– GPs should write a referral to optometrists to state clearly what the appointment is for
– We are to educate patients re the link between diabetes and eye disease and the need for regular screening
– It is important to adopt the risk-based approach and manage identified risks supporting the patients along their treatment journey via a team-based approach




Host: Dr David Lim, GP and Medical Educator


Total time: 38 mins


Guest: A/Prof Peter van Wijngaarden, Ophthalmologist


Eye Health CPD for GPs:


Macular Disease Foundation Australia (MDFA) has launched two free CPD courses to help General Practitioners reduce the incidence and impact of macular disease – Australia’s leading cause of severe vision loss and blindness.
Funded by the Federal Government and developed by a consortium of partners, including RANZCO with support from RACGP, ACRRM and world-renowned retinal specialists, each course is a CPD activity under the RACGP CPD Program and has been approved for three CPD points.
Available through the MDFA website, the courses cover age-related macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease each accredited for three CPD points.


Eye Health CPD for GPs:


• Increase your knowledge of macular disease to enable early diagnosis and interventions
• Improve communication with patients about managing modifiable risk, including regular eye exams
• Adopt up-to-date, evidence-based best practice
• Understand how to link patients with supports and services

Access now


Recommended resources:


Age-related macular degeneration CPD course
Diabetic eye disease CPD course
Sign up to Macula Matters, MDFA’s macular disease update for eye health professionals


Log your own CPD by following these easy steps:
– Listen to 30 minutes of Healthed podcasts
– Click on the Quick Log logo and follow the link to the RACGP website
– Log in to your myCPD dashboard
– Click on the Quick Log function to log your points
– A 30 minute podcast earns 1 CPD point



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