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Pancreatic disease can have extensive consequences on a patient’s health and well-being. Pancreatic disease can often be silent, subtle and deceptive. Moreover, our understandings of how to tackle these diseases and their major consequences continues to evolve. This expert-led education module focuses on three of the commonest pancreatic disorders: cancer, chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic exocrine insufficiency. These presentations provide authoritative and practical explanations to help you develop your understanding of the diagnosis and management of these conditions.

Dr Sarah Tedjasukmana
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Pancreatic insufficiency is more common than you think, and many patients aren’t getting relief. Here’s how to make sure enzyme replacement therapy works

Dr Ashley Bloom
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When to use pill camera to determine cause of gastro bleeds? We discuss finding the cause of iron deficiency: large bowel conditions, haemorroids, watermelon stomach and portal hypertensive gastropathy.

Dr Nicole Winter
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While it is challenging to navigate the information, it is recommended that GPs simply refer the patient if they are not confident

Dr Mary Ann Johnson
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While gastric cancer is improving, GPs are the frontline and must reach out if they have concerns

Dr David Yeo
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In this Product Explainer Hepatobiliary Surgeon Dr David Yeo explains the role of pancreatic enzyme supplements for pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, especially the importance of educating patients on correct dosing requirements to optimise nutrient absorption (7 mins).

Expert/s: Dr David Yeo
Fiona Clark
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Pancreatic cancer is often diagnosed at late stage, leading to poor survival rates, but advances in molecular profiling and development of gene-targeted drugs could offer hope for the future

Expert/s: Fiona Clark
Rosalyn Page
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Most infant gastrointestinal issues will resolve on their own—know the red flags to watch for

Expert/s: Rosalyn Page
Dr Agnieszka Lemanska
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Every year, more than 10,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, for most of those people, the disease is diagnosed too late to be cured. Less than 10% of people live five years following a diagnosis.

Dr Linda Calabresi
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One in five infants will be constipated at any one time, which speaks to just how common this condition is, says paediatric gastroenterologist Dr Rupert Hinds.

Dr Rupert Hinds
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The recommended treatment of constipation in children of various ages, will a change of formula help? And which stool softeners are recommended in infants and toddlers with constipation

Dr Brett MacFarlane
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This article looks at the various non-prescription medicines used to treat reflux, their mechanisms of action and their effectiveness.