Insomnia and sleep – CBT perspective and content

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In this episode with Dr Anup Desai:

– The role of the sleep psychologist
– Insomnia – learn how to take a detailed history and how this can lead us toward a nuanced diagnosis, and therefore a more appropriate management plan
– How CBT is the first line treatment for insomnia, and it is far more than sleep hygiene

He continues with Rosemary Clancy, where they discuss:

– How this podcast is essential listening for all health professionals who deal with patients who are desperate because they cannot sleep
– Structuring consults to dissuade patients seeking medications and to pique their interest in seeking CBTi
– What is the paradox of insomnia
– How best to navigate forward with patients who are anxious and desperate because of their insomnia

Guests: Dr Anup Desai, Sleep Physician and
Rosemary Clancy,
Clinical Psychologist

Host: Dr David Lim, GP and Medical Educator

Total time: 63 mins

Recommended resources:

LetSleepHappen: Patient materials explaining CBTi, and short articles on CBTi treatment components
Sydney Sleep Centre
If managing demands of sedative-seeking clients, you have backup in the RACGP BZD Prescribing Guidelines Part B
If managing demands of sedative-seeking clients, you have backup in the RACGP BZD Prescribing Guidelines Part B – PDF
– National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Guidelines: Information for clients on CBTi as first-line treatment for insomnia
– The American Academy of Sleep Medicine Clinical Guidelines: Information for clients on multi-component CBTi efficacy
– AASM Strength of Recommendations: Psychological treatment components
– AASM Pharmacological Treatment of Insomnia Recommendations

Last Updated: 4 Nov, 2022

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Dr Anup Desai


Dr Anup Desai

Sleep Physician; Sydney Sleep Centre; Senior Staff Specialist, Prince of Wales Public Hospital

Rosemary Clancy


Rosemary Clancy

Rosemary Clancy, Clinical Psychologist; Specialist Sleep Psychologist, The Sleep Centre; Senior Clinical Psychologist, The Sydney Clinic; Director, LetSleepHappen

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