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The Clinical Takeaway: Pertussis vaccination is unfunded but still important

The Clinical Takeaway: Pertussis vaccination is unfunded but still important


In this episode:

– With the covid vaccinations taking centre stage many vaccines have been overlooked particularly the privately funded ones.
– GPs can build pertussis reminders into our workflow in templates for care plans, ante natal shared care, age-related check-ups, for the high-risk groups of patients, travellers and into our recall systems.
– You can improve pertussis vaccination rates by having the vaccine on hand and offering it opportunistically
– Patients respond well to GP recommendations for vaccinations, so we just need to specifically advise and offer pertussis vaccination




Host: Dr David Lim, GP and Medical Educator


Total time: 24 mins


Guest: Dr Lisa Beecham, General Practitioner; Director, Immunisation Committee, Gold Coast Primary Health Network


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GSKPro Australia

This educational activity was developed by Healthed at the request of and with funding from GSK.



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