Women’s and Children’s Health Update: Oral Contraceptive Pill – Your Questions Answered: Part 1

Women’s and Children’s Health Update: Oral Contraceptive Pill – Your Questions Answered: Part 1


In this episode:


– Differences between combination vs progestogen-only pills
– Rules on missed and late pills
– Which pill to start with, what age to start
– Risk with a family history of breast cancer
– Applying the WHO’s “Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use” in practice
– When to review after starting/ changing
– Emergency contraception for missed pill or late start of a new packet




Host: Dr Terri Foran, Sexual Health Physician; Conjoint Senior Lecturer, School of Women’s and Children’s Health, UNSW


Total time: 27 mins


Guest: Prof Deborah Bateson, Clinician, Researcher and Educator in sexual and reproductive health; Professor of Practice at The Daffodil Centre in the Faculty of Medicine and Health at The University of Sydney


Recently Healthed surveyed over 1,000 GPs to understand their key questions and issues regarding the oral contraceptive pill. Our education team has carefully compiled the resulting responses into a series of questions for our experts to answer. This is the first instalment. Let us know what you think about this new format by sending your comments to [email protected].
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Resources provided by the experts:


Medical eligibility criteria for contraceptive use






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