What your patients should know before starting IVF


Fertility treatment is booming. IVF clinics say the pandemic is driving more people through their doors enquiring about egg freezing and treatments to have a baby.

Independent data backs this up. The Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority’s 2021 annual report reveals a 20 per cent surge in the number of people receiving treatment in Victoria last year, and a 27 per cent jump in cycles. So, more women are having more cycles.

So, what should your patients know about fertility preservation and treatment when they ask you for a referral? Here are three things you can tell them to help manage their expectations and prepare them for what’s to come.


Age is the biggest factor

While IVF has helped millions of people around the world have children, about half of those who try IVF don’t take home a baby. And few have a baby after one cycle of IVF, especially if they’re in their late 30s or older.

The age of a woman when she freezes her eggs ...

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