What’s the latest on long COVID?

With long COVID becoming recognised as a significant consequence of COVID infection, it is evident we will need to stay ahead of prevention and treatment of the new variants of this virus.

So said infective diseases specialist and paediatrician, Professor Robert Booy in a recent Healthed ‘Going Viral’ podcast. He referred to research published in the journal Nature that showed that COVID infection could actually shrink the brain with a study finding that people with ongoing symptoms had a 1% loss of brain volume which affected neurological functions such as memory, mood and smell.

Courtesy of the massive amount of data collected on COVID patients worldwide, we know that certain patients are more likely to develop long COVID after their acute infection. These include patients with a history of post-EBV infection fatigue, a history of diabetes and those who had a high viral load during the acute phase of their COVID infection.

There has ...

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