Adrian Desai Boström

Postdoctoral Researcher in Psychiatry, Karolinska Institutet and Umeå University
As a resident physician specialising in child and adolescent psychiatry at Stockholm Healthcare Services, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to my role. With a PhD and a background as a postdoctoral researcher in clinical neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet and Umeå University, my expertise lies in implementing direct clinical approaches to tackle the alarming rates of adolescent suicide and enhance the recognition and accessibility of evidence-based treatments for youth with severe mental illness. My research experience encompasses diverse areas such as psychiatric epidemiology, clinical trials, and genetics/epigenetics, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay between biological, environmental, and social factors in mental health. By combining my clinical skills, academic achievements, and research acumen, I am dedicated to making a tangible impact on the lives of young individuals struggling with severe mental illness, working to ensure they receive the best possible care and support.

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Suicide rarely happens in the absence of severe mental health problems. Research indicates that psychiatric disorders are prevalent in up to 90% of adolescents who die from suicide. In particular, what are known as affective disorders, such as major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder, are present in 44%-76% of cases.

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