Macrae, Finlay

Prof Finlay Macrae AO

Gastroenterologist; Head, Colorectal Medicine and Genetics, The Royal Melbourne Hospital
Prof Finlay Macrae has public and private practices focusing on inflammatory bowel disease and familial bowel cancer. He draws on his mature clinical experience and active engagement in new advances in IBD to support his patients both in public and private. His engagement in research brings contemporary thinking to his patients and practice, including in the genetics of risk for bowel cancer, and new therapies for IBD. He trained in London with the world’s leading colonoscopist at the time(St Mark’s Hospital), bringing this skill to Australia and his practice.

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In this Healthed lecture, Prof Finlay Macrae AO explains that approximately 1.5% of Australians suffer from coeliac disease and 1 in 4 people report avoiding wheat or gluten for several reasons.

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