Iron Deficiency: Translating New Evidence into Practice

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Expert Monograph: Issue 16

Author: Dr Michael Leahy

Author: Trudi Gallagher

Iron Deficiency: Translating New Evidence into Practice

This article discusses the importance, particularly in high risk groups, of the identification and correct management of iron deficiency

Written by Dr Sandra Minck MBBS FRACGP, Dr Pradeep Jayasuriya MBBS, Dr Michael Leahy MBChB FRACP FRCP (London) FRCPath and Trudi Gallagher RN

Dr Sandra Minck is a Medical Officer with the Transfusion Policy and Education (TPE) team at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. She comes from a General Practice background and has a long history in medical education, both in Australia and overseas. Sandy is actively involved in the development of numerous educational materials, tools and resources. She is particularly interested in safe and appropriate transfusion practices, patient blood management and iron deficiency anaemia.

Dr Pradeep Jayasuriya is the principal of a small independent general practice in the Perth metropolitan area for the last 25 years. He led the development of the first community based iron infusion facility in collaboration with a Medicare Local and related educational activities. He is a member of the advisory group for the National Patient Blood Management Collaborative Project by the ACSQHC.

Dr Michael Leahy is currently a Consultant Haematologist, Head of Haematology at Royal Perth Hospital and the Deputy Director of the Fiona Stanley Hospital Network of PathWest Laboratory Medicine. He led the successful patient blood management program at Fremantle Hospital from 2008 to 2015 and was state director of the WA blood management program. He is a Clinical Professor in Medicine at the University of Western Australia.

Ms. Gallagher is the Senior Comprehensive Patient Blood Management Specialist for ACCUMEN (USA based company). She is the former State Clinical Coordinator for Patient Blood Management for the Western Australia Department of Health (2011 through 2015) under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer of the DOH. During her time in Western Australia she sat on National PBM Steering Committee (established by the National Blood Authority). She has specialized in the field of patient blood management for over 20 years. Her sub specialty is iron deficiency with or without anaemia as well as implementing well rounded PBM programs. She has been an RN over 45 years.


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