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Women’s and Children’s Health Update: Children with rare diseases

Women’s and Children’s Health Update: Children with rare diseases


In this episode:

– The simple things in everyday life which can have profound effects on a child with epidermolysis bullosa
– The impact of rare diseases on the wider family
– How primary care clinicians can become a meaningful part of the specialist care team



Host: Dr Terri Foran, Sexual Health Physician; Conjoint Senior Lecturer, School of Women’s and Children’s Health, UNSW


Guest: Rebecca Saad, Nurse Educator and Paediatric Clinical Nurse; Epidermolysis Bullosa with Independence Australia


Total time: 20 mins

Recommended Resources:


Australia first National Strategy Action Plan for Rare diseases, published in 2020 by the Australian Government
Rare Voices Australia provides details of rare diseases and a comprehensive list of partner organisations that support individual rare diseases
Debra Australia An EB specific charity that supports people living with EB in Australia
Debra International (Clinical Practice Guidelines) for Evidence based clinical practice guidelines on EB management.
Independence Australia – NEBDS site A federally funded scheme that provides wound care products, with a co-payment system for any person living with EB in Australia. Education, wound care services, and clinical support are provided through the NEBDS scheme. There is a list of articles, management plans, and videos located under the Resources tab.
Each state has an EB Specialist hospital, these hospitals are listed on the NEBDS website, these hospitals will often have great fact sheets about the specific disease they treat.



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