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Dr Anneliese Perkins

Hear the latest evidence on the role of progesterone including the when, why, how and for whom. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Annaliese Perkins, will present the current recommendations for the treatment and management of women who present with early pregnancy bleeding, including an update on preterm birth.

Clinical A/Prof Pradeep Jayasuriya

While it has been long understood that iron deficiency in pregnancy is both common and clinically important, our understanding of this condition continues to evolve.

Dr Jo-Ann See

There are a wide variety of acne treatments – including some new arrivals that GPs might find useful. Dermatologist and leading acne expert, Dr Jo-Ann See, presents what's new in the understanding, assessment and treatment of acne, the very common and depressing skin condition not only of adolescents, but also of young adults. In addition, Jo-Ann will outline the latest evidence-based recommendations for prescription treatment and treatment combinations, suggest effective adjunctive skincare, and give practical indicators for when specialist referral is warranted.

Expert/s: Dr Jo-Ann See
Dr Katherine Armour

Sun-related skin damage, also known as photo-ageing, is the most common reason that patients seek out cosmetic treatment from dermatologists. Australians experience much higher levels of photo-ageing compared to people in other countries, manifesting as fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, skin texture changes and redness. Dr Katherine Armour will describe the procedures and treatments available for the various manifestations of photo-ageing that your patients are asking you about, and gives you a practical understanding of the effectiveness and realistic expectations that each option entails.

Andrew Fuller

Clinical psychologist and family therapist Andrew Fuller explains how to build rapport with young people.

Expert/s: Andrew Fuller
Dr Christopher Worsnop

How to approach patients who still have asthma symptoms despite treatment. It is not an uncommon scenario. The asthma patient presents, still complaining of shortness of breath, wheeze or cough despite having been prescribed the textbook asthma treatments.

Dr Jessica Tattersall

Diagnosing and optimally treating allergic rhinitis can make a significant difference to a sufferer's life. Chronic allergic rhinitis is a common condition that can dramatically affect a person's quality of life.

Dr Patrick Coleman

Iron studies are easily ordered but their results are not necessarily easily understood. In this presentation, Dr Patrick Coleman will guide clinicians through the various components reported on in iron studies and the implications when results are outside the normal range. Various cases will be presented that will demonstrate how iron studies can be useful in determining appropriate clinical practice.

Expert Panel Facilitated by Dr Terri Foran, Panelist: Dr Sonia Davison, Prof Rod Baber, and Dr Sara Whitburn

The panel will attempt to provide a practical approach to treatment based on current available evidence but will also bring their own considerable personal and professional experience to the discussion.

Dr Terri Foran

This educational activity will discuss the implications of the Lancet article for menopause management in Australia within the broader context of the risks and benefits of menopausal hormone therapy generally.

Expert/s: Dr Terri Foran
Prof Robert Booy

Prof Robert Booy (Professor in Paediatrics, Vaccinology, Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases, University of Sydney) shares a community service announcement for healthcare professionals on vaccination for pertussis.

Clinical A/Prof David Horgan

In Tough Times Text is a family/community-driven suicide prevention initiative, supplementing conventional care if that is available.

Clinical A/Prof David Horgan

Clinical A/Prof David Horgan will talk us through a world-first initiative of using text messages to help a suicidal person.

Prof Bruce Neal

Prof Bruce Neal will talk us through Join Us - a hub that connects researchers and patients via a de-identified platform.

Clinical A/Prof David Horgan

This brief presentation will first consider antidepressant efficacy, before focusing on antidepressant options and comparative effectiveness, optimising outcome by minimising "pseudo-resistance".