Concussion in kids: Insomnia treatment linked to faster recovery

Active kids sustain injuries. It is estimated that every year more than 100,000 Canadian children and adolescents get a concussion while participating in normal childhood activities, like sports and play.

Most kids return to school and activities within about one month of the injury, but sometimes they need specialized concussion treatment and rehabilitation.

Our recent study, published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, found that psychotherapy can improve adolescents’ insomnia after concussion and that it also improves overall post-concussion recovery.

Concussion and sleep

Although the majority of youth with concussion will recover within about one month,  20 to 30 per cent will have symptoms that have not resolved.

Those with slow concussion recovery are more likely to repeatedly visit health-care professionals, miss school and, as a result, have parents who need to take time off of work. Finding ways to ...

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