Correct inhaler technique

Recognise this scenario? You prescribe an inhaler for the patient. You educate the patient on why they need the inhaler. You draw diagrams. You demonstrate the technique on the placebo inhaler. You write the script. And then… you cross your fingers.

Inhalers are such a fundamental component of asthma and COPD treatment. Optimal management of both these conditions largely depends on the correct use of these devices but let’s face it, their use isn’t that intuitive.

Here’s where these resources can really be of vital importance.

Whether we are talking about the printed handout or the How-to videos the patient information resources from the National Asthma Council Australia can ensure optimal drug delivery for patients.

There is little doubt this is a site that should be recommended every time a script for an inhaler is written because, at the very least it will reinforce a patient’s confidence ...

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