Who’s up for a booster?


You might think that after the phenomenal effort general practice has put in to vaccinate the Australian population against COVID, that they’d be entitled to say ‘let someone else do the boosters.’

Not so.

According to a recent Healthed survey, an incredible 93% of GP respondents think that general practice should be the providers of any potential booster programs.


In a reflection of the current COVID immunisation situation, many of the more than 800 GPs surveyed, think other sources of vaccination should also be available for booster shots. Just over 40% of GPs believe we will also need mass vaccination hubs and almost 35% think community health clinics should be utilised as sources of this additional immunisation.

As for other options for supplying booster shots, there appeared to be less enthusiasm among GPs. Only approximately one in five GPs believed that the responsibility of supplying booster COVID vaccinations should extended to pharmacists or even local hospitals.

In essence it appears GPs almost universally accept responsibility for the vaccination of the Australian population against COVID-19. In the end, immunisation, no matter what it’s for, is part of the general practice remit – even if the challenges in terms of sheer numbers can sometimes seem overwhelming.

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